The short answer to this question is YES, if it is the root cause of your lack of confidence. Not sure? I thought as much. Let’s discuss….

So, you’ve been thinking of having a boob job for a while. You’re lacking a certain something, something has vanished from within you. Maybe it was never there? Maybe some small people sucked it from you (literally!)

It’s a tough call deciding to have a boob job. It’s a big operation. It costs a lot of money. It’s not permanent and will need some maintenance AND it might not fix the issue.

I’ve been in a lot of boob conversations this week for some reason. They keep cropping up in different guises. So it seems apt, if it’s a thing you ladies are talking about, that I shed some light on the topic using my experience and expertise.

When I say experience I’m talking about the fact that I’ve had 2 boob jobs in the last 11 years (more on that shortly) and I say expertise because I know what the makeup of confidence is and isn’t.

So, let’s start with my experience. I was naturally gifted in the boob department and in my early 20s was a size 10 with a 32E bust. I had my first 2 daughters close together at the ages of 24 and 26 and that was to be my family complete. Breastfeeding those babies left me with 2 spaniels ears and my confidence waining. It was hard enough adjusting to being a parent never mind feeling a part of me as an individual had disappeared. As my wedding approached, I couldn’t bear the thought of wearing my dream dress in that state. So, 6 weeks before the wedding I had my first boob job. In 2007 it cost me almost £5k as I had it done by a top surgeon in a Bupa hospital (this was not the purchase to try and do on the cheap!). I was delighted with the result. My surgeon had sympathetically restored me to my former self. I never wanted them bigger, just filled back up again and they were perfect!

10 months after the wedding my marriage broke down (it’s a long story for another blog!). Fast forward a few years and I was in a relationship with a fab new man who didn’t already have any kids and low and behold, I had another one, my third daughter. This was all fine and dandy – my fake titties worked perfectly well, I could breastfeed just as before, nae bother! That was, until one evening, my then childless best friend (aka chloe) decided to come visit me and celebrate my new arrival with a truck load of Veuve!!!

As you may have guessed, under this significant influence of champagne, I was wielded unworthy of breastfeeding and also too pissed to remember to express it off. I woke at 5 am with my left tit the size of a beach ball and rock solid. 5 hours later it’s red and raging hot and I’m running a fever! You guessed it… FUCKING MASTITIS!

That one night cost me another £5k as it resulted in a condition called capsular contraction (scar tissue from the infection formed around my implant making it rock hard). I had to have my implants removed and a new set installed! Great!

The good news is, I opted for a different style this time to be a bit more in keeping with my now 30 something genre! They are teardrop shaped rather than round.

These babies have now been in situ for 6 years. My body is beginning to change now as the ageing process starts to get the better of me now I’m 38. So, I’ve promised myself a new set for my 40th!!

So, back to you and your thoughts on having a new set of melons….

Here’s my top tips to consider and help make the right decision for you:

1. Dig deep within yourself to identify the real reason for your unhappiness or lack of confidence. We’re all driven by a sense of self worth so make sure your purpose, you why in the world, the contribution you make is being satisfied. If not, a boob job won’t answer your problem, it’s too superficial.

2. If you conclude that your body is less than satisfactory to you, are there some alternatives to helping you feel good about yourself? Could you get fitter, more healthy, toned and strong. Maybe shed a few pounds or indeed put a few on!! Don’t be fooled into thinking a boob job is the easy answer – it’s not!

3. If your lack of boobage leaves you feeling less feminine and womanly and you’ve thought through it long and hard and your minds made up to do it then make sure you get it done by the right surgeon in the right place. Treat it like getting your kitchen done – get 3 quotes and make sure you like and trust the guy! Don’t go for the cheap option. Use a reputable cosmetic practice and where possible get a recommendation and ‘view’ some of their work!

And if you conclude the boob job is not the answer for you and you’d like to work out out what it’s gonna take to increase your confidence and get you happy then come and join our community at Violet and Charlie and we’ll give you a helping hand.

V x