When was the last time you looked up at the sky? And I mean actually stopped. Put a blanket on the ground and lay looking up at the actual sky?

Not recently huh? I can tell you exactly the last time I did it. I’m ashamed to say it was over 12 years ago. I was on a boat trip just off the Whitsunday Islands in Australia. It was dusk and I took a little walk down to the front of the boat. Away from everyone else, laid down and looked up at the stars. I don’t know how long I was there but I could have stayed all night. It was so beautiful and I felt so at peace. I felt myself contemplating my place in this huge universe of ours. It was wonderful. So then I ask myself why the hell haven’t I done it since?

Ever heard yourself saying. ‘Life gets in the way’ or ‘I don’t know where time goes?’ Time goes where you chose to spend it girls and life doesn’t get in the way, you get it the way of it. Ladies, let me introduce you to your life on autopilot.

I heard a quote on the radio this week and didn’t catch the author but it went something like this;

“Silence doesn’t find you. You have to search for it” Bang on! We can spend years procrastinating about not having time to do anything. Trying to make time for ourselves to enjoy the silence but we allow others to steal it away from us. We never get round to putting ourselves to the top of the ‘to do list’. We drive around in autopilot without even realising it and it’s not good for us.

So enough. How about today, National Look Up at the Sky Day, the day we choose to put on the brakes and stop. You won’t believe what you start to notice.

Here’s some top tips to breaking free from autopilot

1.) Acknowledge the mundane things you do and choose something different.
Notice the routines that you follow. Example- Do you eat the same thing for breakfast every day? Why? What could you have that means putting in a little extra effort? Enjoy every mouthful of the new breakfast and notice how it tastes. Go to a different place to walk the dog, try wearing a new colour lipstick….


2.) Consider what makes you happy. Write a list of the activities that make you smile, really smile. How often do you make time for these things? Make a conscious effort to make space to do these things. I went to see Coldplay for the millionth time last summer. It meant driving all the way to Cardiff via my sisters but all the effort was so worth it. When I’m there I am so present in how the music and atmosphere makes me feel. I soak up every single minute. The pure joy that just being there brings me. I sing until my throat is on fire. And in between concerts I blast their music out at home and in the car. One of many things that makes me really happy. That and crunchy peanut butter on toast.

3.) Have a phone amnesty. What I hear you cry? My life is on that phone! Yes, and that’s the problem. When we spend the majority of our time interfacing with our devices, we lose the ability to form meaningful relationships and those we have, we de-value by showing more love to our number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ we get. We miss so much by having our noses glued to the screen. Instead go into the garden and notice the colours, the smells, the sounds.

And finally. Look up at the sky. The stars. Breathe. Notice more. Love more. Live life to the full. Don’t let it pass you by.

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