I meet a lot of women through work who have a burning desire to learn something new. They are almost desperate to continue to grow. To progress their career. Hone their skills to handle situations better. To give themselves a new lease of life or renewed purpose.  Sound familiar?

However, I reckon about 90% of them don’t actually go ahead and do it.

Why not?

Well, I ask them and this is pretty much the answer I get back from all of them:

“I just haven’t got the time and/or money”

It’s soul destroying to see, especially when you can see how passionate they are about it. Their dreams are flashing before your eyes and then swiftly disappear down the pan!

But why is it happening? Upon exploring this, there appears to be a number of factors at play. Some of which may resonate with you if you’ve ever been in this position.

  1. Women, typically, are too busy spinning a million and one plates (most of which aren’t theirs to spin). They spend their lives racing around trying to cram far too much in. Their hamster wheel of life is going at such a rate of knots, they can’t stop to get off!
  2. They don’t have any spare cash. Maybe they’re the lower earner, working part time, often still contributing 50% to the bills pot but not left with much disposable income for themselves. They also end up footing the bill for the grocery shopping that never gets accounted fully accounted for. That goes for the kids new shoes, coats, school trips, dinner money too… sound familiar? (no personal gripe there at all!!)
  3. They feel guilty. A lot of working mums I meet feel guilty. Guilty for spending the money on themselves. They always find something or someone ‘more important’ to spend it on and if it involves a night away…the guilt sets in for leaving the family to fend for themselves for a night or two.
  4. They don’t really believe it will make any difference. The gender pay gap and the glass ceiling that still exists for women in the workplace, lead a lot of them to believe that even if they bit the bullet and went on the course, it would make no difference to their chances anyway.

This has got to change!

But how?

Well, the answer is NOT to forgo developing yourself – let’s be very clear about that.

What’s important is that we challenge a few things AND get creative about how me make things happen.

A few of the above reasons really do call for some ‘whites of the eyes’ conversations – either with our other half or our boss. I meet a lot of women who are not particularly skilled in having that type of conversation, especially if it’s the closer to home version. That’s more emotive. It becomes a double bubble – it requires some development to hold the conversation about getting some development??? Now we’re tied in knots! (Stay with me here…)

Equally, I find that women are not as strong as men at ‘bigging themselves up’ and feeling deserved of the opportunity. Not to mention articulating the return on the investment, particularly back to business. Our challenge is to get smart about what the course will enable us to bring back to the table – and be specific, tangible and bold about that.

(Pssst…. We can help you get better at both of these btw!)


Thirdly, it’s about being creative. In this day and age not all learning needs require us to go and sit in a session, on an actual course. With the technology we have available there’s really nothing stopping us from getting the development and learning we need from the comfort of our own sofas. It just requires a bit of accountability to make it happen.

Now as a business that provides training and coaching to women it sounds like I’m doing myself out of a job. But here’s the thing….. We’re rolling with the times here at LLL HQ. Whilst we LOVE to put on a great event and get like minded women together in the same room for some good old fashioned training, we recognise that this has moved onto the ‘luxury items’ list in most women’s lives – so that’s why we’ve been beavering away for the last 9 months on building The Ladies Life Lounge Members Club.

So, what is the members club I hear you ask? Great question. Here’s the answer.

The members club is an online club where women like us can have our cake and eat it! The club removes the barrier of not being able to go on a course, because of time or money, by bringing all the resources you need to the comfort of your own home. 24/7! WOWZERS!…. I know, smart idea, right?

So what have we got?

  • All of the training & coaching we ordinarily do face to face has been turned into a vast library of on line video modules. This means you don’t have to leave the house. You can learn at a time that suits you AND you can even dip in and out whenever, maybe only doing 15 mins here and there when the kids are in swimming lessons! You can come back when you’re ready and pick up where you left off.
  • A monthly LIVE masterclass with industry experts that all of our members can join (or access on a replay). Each month, linked to one of our secrets, we will interview an industry expert to bring you hot of the press insight, learning and top tips. We’d love it if the requests came from members so we’re giving you exactly what you want!
  • A community of like minded women through our secrets forum. A place to chat, solve problems, share ideas, celebrate success as well as socialise and have fun!
  • The Book Club – each month we will read and recommend a book that links to one of our secrets and write a review in our on-line library along with a brief synopsis of the learning and top tips from the book.
  • And lastly, as a member, you’ll have exclusive, priority access and a 10% discount on LLL products, events (you don’t want to miss Womanifest now do you?), and the opportunity to earn loyalty points that you can redeem on future purchases or your against your membership fee.

So, back to the question….. haven’t got the time or money to go on a course? You don’t need it!!

Come and join us at Ladies Life Lounge and get smashing that glass ceiling, looking a million dollars and charming the birds out of the trees from just £29 per month!

You can find out about how to join and the different membership options by clicking here.