Firstly we’d like to say Hi, welcome to Violet and Charlie and thank you for taking the time to read our first official blog.


You probably don’t know that much about us so it seems to make sense to start at the beginning and tell you our “why”.


We believe wholeheartedly in role modelling and practicing what we preach because that’s what it takes to inspire others to act for themselves and fundamentally that’s what we want to achieve – an army of guilt free, liberated and empowered women who have got it all! (Whatever “all” may be for them).


We’ve been through a lot to get us to this place. The two of us scribbled down the list of dramas we had conquered and come out of the other side stronger, albeit a bit scarred, here goes:




Bullied in the workplace

Prescription drug addiction

Serial cheaters

Serial liars



5 kids – 2 in very early 20’s and 2 in very late 30’s



Kidney disease



Cosmetic surgery


So, aside from 20 years between us as leadership development consultants, qualified facilitators and executive coaches, we’d say we’re reasonably experienced and qualified to help women in most situations.


You can read our individual stories here.


In our first secret, you’re pretty confident, we start with the “why”. Why? I hear you ask (crikey, that could get confusing)…good question.


We notice and talk to many women who have lost their mojo, their sense of purpose, they have no idea what or who they are. We’ve been there too. This can happen for a number of reasons but often it’s to do with the fact that they’ve been living their life unselfishly and for other people in a role e.g. Mother, daughter, wife, job title. And when that all gets a bit much or the rug gets pulled from under their feet then they fall over! Sound familiar?


Maybe you’ve recently had a baby and have lost confidence about going back to work.

Maybe your kids have flown the nest and gone off to uni and you’re left with a big hole in your life.

Maybe your marriage has broken down and you’re now single.

Maybe you’ve lost your job.

Maybe you’re just not happy!!!

The list could go on! That’s not the bit that’s particularly important or that we would focus on.

The job at hand is to help you reconnect with the real you! The name on your birth certificate not the role you’ve been carrying out for however many years.


So, what’s our why? Our purpose?

The two of us have some very strong values and principles about the way we wanted to live our lives (See them here) and they just weren’t getting fulfilled from corporate life.

We had played a number of roles – mum, wife, job etc and wanted to reconnect with the real us – hence where Violet & Charlie came from. These were the names we wanted to be called when we were kids, at a time when we thought we were invincible and could do anything! (Before the limiting beliefs kicked in and society wore us down) We wanted to bring that feeling back on!


We get our buzz from helping people who WANT to be helped, not people who are told to spend the day in a room with us.


On top of that, 4 out of 5 of our kids are of the female form and we want to grow them into strong, independent girls who know who they are and are ready to take on the world! We want to leave them a legacy to be proud of and a business for them to one day take over.


If this rings a bell with you and resonates with your own story then we’d love to hear from you. Come and join a strong network of like minded women who will support you in having your cake and eating it!


Nice to meet you and we hope to see you soon!


V&C xx