Our ‘Pretty’ Secrets

Ladies Life Lounge is based around our Pretty Secrets, and these fall into seven categories. We believe that effectively mastering these areas will help you to live the happy, fulfilling, successful life that you deserve!

In the members club there’s training, masterclasses and self-development based around all of these secrets – and it there’s something you’d like us to talk about then let us know, and if it’s not our area of expertise we’ll bring in an expert for you.

Have a look at the short videos below to learn more, and if you have any questions then shout up in the FREE Facebook Group or drop us a line on the Contact page. We’d love to help!

Pretty Confident

Confidence means to have faith in, or trust yourself. Sadly we weren’t created with a magical confidence switch on our backs, nor can you order it from Amazon. Lots of people operate by the mantra Fake it til you Make it which in our view doesn’t necessarily work. There’s no need to put your energy into faking it when you can put that energy to better use and truly get comfortable and capable in your own skin. It’s time to dig deep and peel back the layers of yourself. Now, as human beings we are all driven by a sense of self worth and self worth comes from having real purpose in who you are and what you do. It’s all about working out your why, and practising confidence, rather than faking it.

Pretty Healthy

Healthy body and healthy mind. We all need a fantastic, reliable vehicle in which to live our lives to the full and that vehicle needs a great sat nav to get it there. It’s no good being physically fit if your head is all over the place so here we combine the two. You’ll be amazed at the impact on your whole life when you take the time to look after your mind and body. We’re not fans of being skinny minnies for the sake of it at Ladies Life Lounge. We believe in being strong and healthy and that comes in all shapes and sizes. You won’t find any fad diets in our member’s club. A woman’s health and fitness is complex, and changes over time. So this secret is all about sleep, anxiety & stress, meditation, flexibility, nutrition, relationships with food & eating disorders, hormones, periods, menopause, boobs, and vaginas – we have a fab module called ‘fix your fanny’ to get those pelvic floors back in shape! All in all – a holistic and whole view of being fit!

Pretty Calm

Spinning 99 plates a day has become the norm for many ladies and it can feel like you like in a tornado most of the time. Being fulfilled and happy means having some degree of order to that chaos! It’s about getting practical and prioritising and delivering the most important things only – which definitely includes our own self-care! Anything else that comes along today will have to slot in around that or get stuffed. What’s the worst that will happen? It will wait for another day, or someone else will have to do it! We can teach you how to learn to relax – and to put yourself first. Women are generally the emotional dictators in their house. If I’m happy my family are too – but if I’m in a foul mood, that also rubs off pretty quickly! Choosing your own happiness is vital. Having some vital skills under your belt to support you is vital too – like managing your time, avoiding procrastination, being able to plan and organise efficiently & effectively, allowing you to stop, pause, be in the moment and practice some mindfulness & gratitude through journaling.

Pretty Assertive

Do you want to accelerate your career, make more money in your business, or have stronger, happier relationships? If that’s you then you need the 21st-century skill, The Art of Assertiveness. Now, lots of people have a wonky perception of what assertiveness is. They think it’s being bossy, a bit loud or outspoken, and that’s just not it. Those traits lean more to behaviour that’s aggressive, or passive-aggressive. True assertiveness has a very fine balance between courage and consideration, and when you master it, your life improves dramatically. Assertiveness will liberate you, make you more confident and get you what you want for a change. It will enhance your credibility in work, or in your business, improve your personal relationships, make you happier, reduce how much you worry, and enable you to make more money. It’s also about learning how to stop giving a f**k about stuff or what other people think, to say no to things you don’t want to do, articulate yourself clearly and succinctly and also develop a high degree of resilience and grit.

Pretty Ambitious

Pretty Ambitious is the secret for the women out there who want to accelerate their career or start/grow their own business.  We split the secret into two strands – ‘career’ and ‘entrepreneur’. Many of us modern women are out there climbing the corporate ladder and working hard to smash through that glass ceiling but all the self-confidence and self-belief in the world won’t quite cut the mustard in these stakes. What’s required is lashings and lashings of skill. Not the technical bits – the interpersonal side of things. We’re over the “boys club” mentality; being played down and held back for having a miraculous body that actually GROWS PEOPLE!! The world is crying out for more women in the board room, to bring back the human side to business and make the shift to creating success based on collaboration rather than competition. It’s all about relationships.

It’s also the place to be if you’re a female business owner. We can talk branding, design, websites, mailing lists, social media, funnels, lead magnets and opt-ins to your heart’s content. We can tell you where you can get free images that you’re actually allowed to use and talk about accounting. We can discuss scheduling and blogging. You can ask the questions that you don’t want to ask in other business groups. You can get help with the tech and we can even build your websites and host them for you. You can network here and join with others on their journeys. Whether you’re just setting up or looking to grow there’s support in here for you.

Pretty Stylish

Bad hair day happening a bit too often? Feel like a sack of spuds no matter what you wear? Always got your Bridget Jones’s on these days? Is your make up starting to look cakey on your face? Billy 4-boobs by any chance? Anyone just feeling a bit boring? We hear you! If some of these things resonate with you then maybe it’s time that you got an image overhaul! This secret is about dressing and loving the body you have now – not the body you want! Once you understand your body shape, your colour palette, your style personality and your proportions, then you can build a wardrobe that makes you feel a million dollars every single day, without looking at a lettuce leaf! We’ll get you feeling confident and empowered in the right underwear, dressing outfits up and down with accessories and even packing capsule wardrobes in a flash for those girly weekend city breaks!

Pretty Personal

There are just some things that feel a bit too ‘personal’ to talk about and still remain ‘taboo’. We’re on a mission to break some of those taboo’s so in this secret we’ll be talking all about managing your money, sex and orgasms, having healthy relationships and setting personal boundaries. We’ll help you to think and plan ahead for the future – a modern retirement plan, divorce, even death & funerals. We’ll help you make changes here that you know you’ve probably been needing to do for a long time, to set yourself free and finally live your best life – the happy, fulfilling and successful one you deserve!

“What’s Your Pretty” Profile

When you join the Lounge we have a special profiling tool to help you to decide where to start!

You can use this assessment to determine your learning pathway in the Members’ Club. The questions will determine to what extent you are meeting your needs in each of our 7 secrets so we can look at your strengths and development areas. You can even choose to have a goal-setting call with either of us, to get you off to a flying start!