Under the age of 30? It’s time to step up your conversation and become more interesting and interested!


We believe that there’s a micro-society under the age of 30 who struggle to hold a decent conversation and be ‘interested’. More concerned with their phones, their appearance and themselves, we believe that a generation of conversation narcissists is emerging, and it’s heading for disaster!

There are only a handful of people I meet these days, under the age of 30, who you can have a decent conversation with. At first, we thought it was because we were getting old (<Jodie>I’m still sub 40!) but with the volume of social media apps and technology available to us, many under 30s have managed to replace this with the need to actually talk to each other. We therefore have a growing group of people who can’t have a decent well balanced two-way conversation with each other, and if they do, their interest begins to wain after 15 seconds or the tables turn and it’s all about them.

For me (Jodie), having been born in 1979, and being a “Xennial” we want to spearhead the notion that Millennials should pull themselves away from so much social media and practice the skill of holding an actual conversation with another human being. Because of the lack of this skillset, this millennial generation don’t know how to form deep, meaningful relationships – whether that be with friends, a partner or work based relationships and this poses a serious risk for their future and in particular, their mental health.

According to Dan Woodman, associate professor of sociology at the University of Melbourne, Xennials are a micro generation of people who spent their childhoods playing outside without the need to update social media, yet experienced the tech boom in our early 20’s, enabling them to be tech savvy.

Being in between Generation X (those who grew up without technology) and Millennials (who are at the opposite end), through the work we do in the members club, we feel well placed to bridge the gap amongst generations that come before and after us and impart knowledge and skill to help those who perhaps struggle with confidence to have a conversation and the art of conversation itself.

Whilst we’re not labelling all under 30s as being poor communicators, there are simple techniques to help improve conversation at any age and which can help in every aspect of life. Learning about yourself should never stop and that’s why we have launched our members club; to empower women to have something interesting to say, grow their confidence and be awesome in every aspect of life.

Being interesting isn’t effortless—it actually takes a lot of hard work. And, we believe that if you want to get good at having a conversation learn to be more present, develop a curious mindset and some skill in questioning and listening, our members club is a great starting point and is where we empower and develop women of all ages to live the happy fulfilled life they deserve through our 7 secrets.

Here’s our Violet & Charlie Conversation Top Tips:

  1. Get in the present. Millennials live mainly in the future. The art to being both interesting and interested is to be in the moment. To be present with yourself and other people. That means paying attention to what you are experiencing right now, like nothing else in the world matters. If more people did this, there would be less stress and depression in the world. (A lot of stress comes from people chasing the future and depression from people dwelling in the past)
  2. Being interesting is about being able to confidently articulate your thoughts, feelings, views and opinions. Millennials often have an opinion yet hide behind a screen to put it out there. You know the saying “if you’ve got something to say then say it to my face” – that principle applies here. You have to be skilled enough to hold a conversation with another human and we meet too many people who are unable to do that these days!
  3. Being interested is about developing a mindset of curiosity. Get like EastEnders! A nosy, curtain twitcher! Curiosity is defined as having a genuine desire to want to know or learn more. Now the mindset alone is not enough. It then requires a degree of skill – questioning and listening – and these are easier said than done. They take a fair bit of learning and lashings of practice to get really good.
  4. Read more, listen more. Pick up a newspaper, watch the news, listen to podcasts. All are crammed full of fodder and interesting stories for us to form opinions about. This helps us to create our own stories and also develops our skill in listening, and listening is crucially to be interesting and interested. As Dale Carnegie pointed out in How to Win Friends and Influence People , everyone’s favourite subject is themselves. Ironically, putting the conversational focus on the other person will make you seem more interesting.
  5. And finally, if you can’t drag yourself away from your device and you need to remain glued to YouTube then this is a must see clip for you! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=3ev7GXzFTPg

You can pre-register to join the members club prior to launch and receive your first 3 months membership HALF PRICE. Just visit violetandcharlie.com and hit the pre-reg banner at the top of the home page!