Let me start this blog with a question… How much cash did you spend on your appearance in the last 12 months? I’d like you to consider makeup, lotions, potions, ‘procedures’, nails, hair, clothes, shoes and handbags.

Then I’d like you to tot up how much you spent on your personal development last year – investing in your skills and behaviours to get you better outcomes and results.

Nearly all women who do this exercise come out with the same result and I’m sure you already know what that is. They spend WAY more on their appearance than their development.

Let me share some basic figures with you. The research shows that U.K. women spend on average £1563 a year on just their hair, nails and makeup. Some of the women I’ve interviewed are upward of £5k! (With zero spend on their development)

So, here’s my controversial point – we all know that actions speak louder than words, right? If we truly want gender equality in a career sense and be known for the value and contribution we make rather than what we look like, then all the demonstrations and marches in the world won’t cut the mustard. It will require us to take action! Culture only changes when individual people decide to do something different and therefore we could really help ourselves if we took action – not to stop investing in our appearance necessarily – but to invest AS MUCH IF NOT MORE in our professional skill set.

I get it. Some of you will be screaming at this text ‘Well why should I? Men don’t have to!’ Fair point. But life’s not fair. We have to work hard to be treated fairly. This all comes down to how accountable you are for your own success and the change you lead for the next generation.

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Jodes xx