Roxy Rhodes

Hey there lovely!

I’m so glad you found me!!

I’m an entrepreneur and fully qualified mental health therapist with professional qualifications in clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, NLP, coaching, nutritional therapy and stress management (and a whole heap more). Quite a mouthful right! I also feel I can claim life skills in juggling and balance!

Let me give you the back story.

Before building my own business, I had a past life as a corporate sales lady in a very well-known confectionery company (and I got free chocolate!)   I worked in law, media and retail before I became disheartened with the ethics and attitudes.  I then moved into a successful career in the care and medical industry where I worked in hospitals, nursing homes and in the community.

It was tough… but I loved it.

I became aware of the fact that many patients and relatives were unable to access supportive mental health services that they required within a reasonable time frame. This – and the birth of my first son, Charley, in 2014 – inspired me to create Mind Matters Therapies Ltd, an award-winning private practice, helping clients to overcome mental, physical and emotional issues.

Leaving my career behind, embarking on a journey as an entrepreneur and building a business around my family was both exciting and terrifying! There were glorious highs and emotional lows. I gained so much, but I also had to let go of a great deal… my idea of who I was and my idea of who I ‘should’ be.

My second son, Finn, arrived in February 2017, and with him came the birth of my second business: Busy Business Mum! Here I put to use all the skills I’d learned while running my business and helped other women build and balance their own. I built and taught website building, I ran social media and I coached. I watched businesses fly and loved it. Jodes hired me at the back end of 2018 to run her email marketing, we clicked and Ladies Life Lounge was born. 

I can now combine ALL my skills in one place. I’ve been round the block and learned a lot. I know how quickly and easily I get bored doing one thing. The Lounge means I can do TONS of things and use my skills in the very best way. 

In Real Life I’m a:

happy wife
messed up mum
mind mender
course junkie
girl geek
sports superfan
book binger
wine worshipper

Want to Work with Me?


Awwwwww fab news! OK, so there are a few options here – depending what you want to do!

Remember – as a Ladies Life Lounge Member – you’ll get 20% off all of these prices, so if you’re not yet – it’s worth considering joining!

With a 60 minute session for £190 (£150 for Members) or a 4 session package for £700 (£500 for Members) we can dig into your existing business, or into your plans and ideas. We can look at your systems and procedures, or your offerings and marketing. It’s completely up to you where you’d like us to focus – but if I notice something that needs taking care of – I’ll be the first to say! Expect some mindset, balance and confidence work along the way – my therapist brain can’t help it!!

When you work with me I work alongside you. I’ll check in to see how you’re doing and make sure you’re clear on what the next step is. I’ll be your cheerleader, ass-kicker and biz bestie! Who doesn’t want that?!

So, you’ve looked at Wix, GoDaddy and all the other builders and realised they’re DRAINING the life out of you, will never look the way you want and are eating all of your precious money-making time!! Let’s do this properly!

I can build you a WordPress website & also sort out your domain and hosting if you like! A 5-page site is £575 (£460 for Members) (plus hosting & domain if required (usually around £10 per month). I will teach YOU how to use it and how to be in complete control of it so that you know how to update and how to make changes yourself. I really, really advocate all businesses having a site. It shows professionalism, promotes trust and helps you be found more easily. 

Therapy is such a weird word for lots of people. Finally, mental health is starting to be viewed as equally important as our physical health – yet it still has a stigma that you must be “weak” if you want to work on your mental health. It’s utter bollocks! The strongest people are the ones who actively reach out for help when they see space for improvement – even before things get really rough.

If you’re considering therapy – just get in touch. I’d want you to chat to me first and make sure you click with me. It’s super important that you trust me and feel that I get you. Sessions are £190 an hour (£150 for Members) – you’re very welcome to come to me, or we can do it via phone or video call. 

(Also, just as an aside – therapy is confidential! No-one in the Lounge (or Jodes) will know that we’re having sessions, unless you tell them). The contact form below comes directly through to my email – not our shared LLL one!

So – if you’d like to work directly with me – get in touch. Either PM me on Facebook, email me at [email protected] or fill the contact form in below!

3 + 4 =

I’m really looking forward to working with you!!


Roxy xx