Therapy Sessions


Therapy is such a weird word for lots of people.

Finally mental health is starting to viewed as equally important as our physical health – yet it still has a stigma that you must be “weak” if you want to work on your mental health. It’s totally untrue!

The strongest people are the ones who actively reach out for help when they see space for improvement – even before things get really rough. Read more below…




If you’re considering therapy – just get in touch. I’d want you to chat to me first and make sure you click with me. It’s super important that you trust me and feel that I get you. You’re very welcome to come to me, or we can do it via phone or video call.

I'm a fully qualified mental health therapist and coach and have had a private practice for over 5 years. But be warned - you will not receive:
NHS-style therapy
with me.

I will:
 challenge you
 make you think
 kick your butt
 love you wholeheartedly and unjudgementally
 reframe your thoughts
 make you feel a shed ton better

Also, just as an aside – therapy is confidential! No-one in the Lounge (or Jodes) will know that we’re having sessions unless you tell them).

Rox xx