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These masterclasses are designed to provide you with our ‘limited edition’ content – content that is currently a hot topic, based on the latest science and insight, or bringing an industry expert to the table to give you the inside story and all the tips & tricks of the trade on a specific topic!

We give you the opportunity to tune in with a brew (or glass of vino obvs!), suck up the learning from the comfort of your own sofa AND get involved and interact through a LIVE Q&A! You don’t want to miss these.

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We’re adding more all the time, but check out below for the confirmed, upcoming events! 


Come and learn why PR IS for you, no matter what stage of business you are in – if you are here to make an impact with a passion and purpose fuelled business. Jo will teach you what PR is, how you can use it, and why you should care. One not to be missed – especially if you are sufferers of Imposter Syndrome as she loves helping her clients overcome this through the power of PR

Jo is the the founder of Chocolate PR, an award winning PR agency she established 15 years ago, after working in journalism, media, marketing and PR agencies. She built the business up organically from scratch, and has over the years worked with companies of all sizes including the likes of Whistles, NSPCC, learndirect, Marriot Hotels, Yo! Sushi, Dale Carnegie, Skipton Building Society to name just a few, winning many awards along the way. BUT – a niggling feeling was always lurking, and when you know her you know that that her passion for PR goes further than just ticking a few corporate boxes. What she lives for is helping small businesses, and particularly female entrepreneurs harness the power of PR, so they can tap into it as a cost effective, creative marketing medium. She believes PR is for all of us, not just the big boys and helps women who really don’t believe in themselves get empowered through coverage in the national press. Facing imposter syndrome head-on Jo works with her clients to create confidence in their message, and to craft their story in a way that produces pride around their business and an excitement for future growth.


We can’t always control what happens to us in life. And often we are shaped and changed by past experiences and adversities. But our sh*t only gets to define us if we let it. Because we still get to choose who we become.

During this masterclass Emma shares powerful insights into how to start no longer being held back by your experiences, things you’ve been told, or the bullsh*t stories you tell yourself. So that you can own all that you are and love yourself for it.

Having spent 20 years of her life shrouded in shame by her experiences and hating herself for it, Emma is a woman on a passion led mission to inspire and empower other women. So they can live life on their own terms without being held back or defined by any of their shit.


Perfectionism can feel like it protects us – it’s our armour deflecting any chance of criticism or failure. Wrong! Perfectionism keeps us playing small, keeps us operating from a place of fear and anxiety. Perfectionism holds us back from going after the things we truly want from life. 

During this masterclass Clare will share practical ways to help you free yourself from the burden of perfectionism encouraging you to remove that armour and embrace your imperfections!

Clare Walsh is a confidence coach passionate about helping women to live the lives that light them up –  now, not at some undefined and never arriving point in the future! Using powerful coaching techniques she helps her clients to find clarity, confidence and courage to act to create the life they truly desire. A joyful life that is rich and fulfilling. Your life, your way!

MONDAY 14th DEC – 10AM

Go from envying the super organised woman to being the super organised woman. This training will provide practical tips that you can implement in your life and business.

Lisa Norman lives in Lancashire with her husband, 2 sons and German Shepherd.

Her first born was premature and a very poorly baby and with a shift-working husband she needed to get organised fast!

Lisa developed lots of tricks and has had many women comment on how organised she is. When she sat down to see how she could help them she realised just how much a few simple things freed up so much time. She has tips for a busy home life as well as tips for business women.

Lisa works full time and has 2 businesses. She has co-authored 2 books both of which became Amazon number 1 bestsellers.