I’ve always been a fashion follower rather than a leader. And its cost me a fecking fortune over the years. In my twenties I scoured fashion magazines, searching for the latest looks, wore whatever was ‘on trend’. Whether it suited me or not. In my thirties I went through a bit of a Madonna esq-chameleon phase. I changed my look as often as I changed my boyfriend. Bo-ho to brit pop. Hippy to high end. I lost my sense of style, if I ever had one. Now in my forties I can pick up a dress and know immediately whether it’ll suit me. I’ve accepted what I can, can’t, should and, more importantly, should never ever wear. I know, understand, and accept my body shape and have discovered the importance of a great accessory.


I’ve finally made the shift from thinking only about fashion to creating my own style. Maybe it’s because people are less likely to judge me now I’m older. I like to stand out rather than blend into the crowd. That or I don’t really care what people think anymore. But maybe I should?


Lisa Stariha, The Body Empowerment Coach says it is so important to “Get up, get dressed, and never give up each day. To feel more beautiful, confident, and strong, you must change out of the yoga pants and put on clothes that give you power,”


So what clothes give you power, especially in your forties? I used to love dressing up as a kid but considering I threw my Wonder Woman costume away a long time ago, I have to replace it! Luckily I have some items in my wardrobe that, when wearing them, make me feel pretty darn great. Just like Wonder Woman.


These are my go to clothes. You could call them my capsule pieces. I can always rely on them to make me look and feel great. My old faithful Reiss black, 3/4 length tailored trousers. My knee length leather skirt. My seven of mankind blue jeans. The Carvella nude courts. I could go on.


I find that now it’s about finding clothes and accessories that reflect who you are. I’ve started to wear orange, a lot. It started with my Mulberry obsession…a purse turned into a bag, a bag into a bigger weekend bag…arrrghhhh. Even a little bit of orange makes me feel happy. I wore a pair of fabulous Kurt Geiger orange kitten heels until they literally fell off my feet. I’ve been on a mission ever since to replace them.


So as I’m sat here looking into my wardrobe, I can also see many things that I’ve bought and held onto, but never really worn. This can be dangerous – nostalgia! If it doesn’t fit now its highly unlikely it will ever fit again. Time to cut loose and stop torturing myself. Time to throw it out. So decision made. I’m going to bite the bullet and do a full wardrobe cleanse! Donating all those questionable purchases, or stuff that doesn’t fit anymore, to someone who will make use of them. Stuff I’ve bought over the years but have, until now, not been able to part company with. Time to go.


When it’s all bagged up, ready to go to the charity shop, I console myself with the thought that I will never be too old for denim, a trilby hat, or Kurt Geiger 6 inch heels…No? Ok can I get away with 5 inches?


So, if you feel like you’ve lost your style mojo, here are my top tips on what to avoid:


1. Know your body type and don’t buy clothes that do not flatter you, even if it’s the trends this season.


2. Try not to be too matchy-matchy or too polished. It’s nice to mix things up and be a bit more playful.


3. Avoid buying fabrics that are too cheap as they are usually not flattering or will not last more than a couple of washes


4. Don’t mix a tight skirt or pants with a tight top. Aim to have either a tight skirt with a loser top or vice versa.


If this rings true for you then check out our 3rd Secret, Your Pretty Stylish, and get back your fashion mojo!


C x