Well, that’s surely the million dollar question, right?

There’s no point in beating around the bush. There is NO magic pill for this. It comes down to pure hard graft.

I’m talking about this topic this week because it’s something I struggle with myself and I notice it in many other women too.

I’m just not a completed finisher (and neither is chloe come to think of it, errr… recipe for disaster alert, running a business together!) and I get bored really quickly, especially if it involves a lot of detail and complexity. However, this is just a belief I hold about myself, the story (and excuse) I repeatedly tell myself and it isn’t actually true! Well, not if I don’t want it to be! I can CHOOSE. How liberating is that?

Up until now, I’ve generally chosen the fun route through life. As I reflect on that, I think that has mainly been because I never really knew or figured out what I wanted. Only as I turned 30, got divorced and diagnosed with kidney disease all in the same year did my perspective and priorities shift. That year I really figured out my WHY and what I wanted. I’ve made some very different decisions since then.

There’s one person who has taught me a lot about myself in the last 10 years and that’s my husband David. We’re very different yet I hugely admire his discipline and tenacity when working at literally anything. We wouldn’t have this house for starters! I’m nowhere near his standard of practice but some of it has rubbed off on me (shhh…. don’t tell him though). I know this because I’ve now got evidence of it – look at me this week building a new membership site for Violet and Charlie, writing code, installing plugins and editing videos! Who’d have thought?

That’s not the only thing that has set me up for success though. There are 2 other critical components.

Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people plays a huge role. The right kind of people are those that support, champion and encourage you yet also challenge, question and stretch you. They hold a mirror to you and playback the reflection to keep your self awareness on its toes! Chloe has been instrumental in that along with a couple of other special friends (you know who you are).

Lastly, please never underestimate this one because it’s make or break here… you have to ACTUALLY DO STUFF! SOMETHING, ANYTHING! I meet lots of people who have the best laid plans, the most ingenious ideas yet they NEVER take action? WTF is that all about? The classic is the people who say they wish they’d win the lottery and when you ask them how many lines they put on a week they reply “Oh, I don’t play”. Well, NO FUCKING SHIT SHERLOCK!
You’re never gonna win if you don’t play!

That’s the line for me…. “You’re never gonna win if you don’t play.”

Making shit happen requires a good dose of accountability. So, if you’re not very good at holding yourself accountable (present company included), then make sure you find some bugger who will be good at holding you accountable (I am actually quite good at holding other people accountable though as it goes).

I used to do a good line in dreaming and wishing. That’s was because I believed that successful shit didn’t happen to people like me. WHAT UTTER COCKWOMBLE SPEAK!

Nowadays I’m more akin to living THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA!

Wanna know what it is? Cost ya a tenner! Just kiddin – I’ll share it with you because everyone should know about this:

Know what you want
Know why you want it
Take massive action

(As long as you remember to actually DO the last bit!)

Remember…. 3 things are important:

1. Develop some discipline and tenacity
2. Surround yourself with great people
3. Accountability – to ensure you make shit happen!

Violet and Charlie can help you with all 3 of those things so what are you waiting for? Take some massive action today and pre-register to join the Violet and Charlie members club by clicking on the link below:

The Violet and Charlie Members Club

V out xxx