Given its women’s equality day and we’re in the business of helping women to live up to the life they want and deserve, its only right we throw our twopeneth  in on the subject.

Now, I’m gonna risk it for a biscuit and stray from the well trodden path with what might be a slightly controversial view point.

You see, I’ve been mulling it over whilst laying on a golden Spanish shore, chewing the cud with my husband over a San Miguel or 25, and found myself needing to google the definition of a few words.

Those words were ‘equality’ and ‘equal’.

Why did I need to google them? I hear you ask? No, I’m not a dim wit. But, the convo got a bit complicated and we both came to realise that there is a difference. Let me share that with you:

Equality – the state of being equal, especially in status, rights or opportunities.

Equal – being the same in quantity, size, degree or value.

It may still not jump out from the page at you but where we got to was that we were all up for and in total support of equality. Specifically right now, we’re not where we should be in terms of women’s rights – this is taking far too long to achieve.

Where we’ve got an issue is with being equal. And this is where we realised the equality bandwagon has taken a wrong turn. There are too many fights, quests, call them what you like, that are chasing being equal rather than equality.

The fundamental fact of the matter is that we are not the same – let’s just do the basic gender one as an example, however this applies to any difference in race, religion, whatever – we are different in size, shape, wobbly and dangly bits, chemistry, genetics…. and it’s for a reason. The world wouldn’t carry on going if we were the same. That diversity has to exist. And we should value it. Men are better at some things and women better at others – naturally. What’s wrong with that? Why aren’t we playing to our strengths and putting a stop to competing to be equal?

So, back to equality, and specifically equality for women, given that’s the business we’re in and I want to throw something out there…..

To get change and/or the results you want to see, you have to actually DO something, take action. That’s different to thinking something or saying something.

To change culture, and therefore the society we live in, it requires lots of individuals to make their own change in the direction of travel required.

Now, there are plenty of women and campaigns on the go for women’s equality but quite frankly there are also too many women sitting on the sidelines as spectators and cheerleaders, waiting hopefully for things to happen. If we carry on that way, we will be waiting a very long time! You won’t get it in your generation anyway. 

Now I’m sure that most of these women are supporters and cheerleaders because they would like that change to affect the their situation and benefit their happiness, fulfilment and success. So my big shout out to any woman who is experiencing inequality right now is to do something, take massive action. What I mean by that is if there’s a tricky work situation that is at the centre of your inequality then there is most certainly a significant conversation to be had. Know that it is going to take some skill to have that conversation both credibly and rationally and most importantly that gets you the outcome you are looking for. The thing is, not many people (not just women) take the time to develop themselves to become skilful in whatever aspect they require (a fair few, I hate to say, just moan about it – that doesn’t help, that just gives you even less influence!). We work with lots of women to help them become skilful in that and similar situations.

Very quickly just back to the ‘being equal’ thing and playing to your strengths. Women are much more naturally emotionally intelligent  which gives you a great leg up if you choose to leverage it in the example I used. Bonus!!

So if you need some help to take your version of massive action and/or could do with some skills to help you get there then get in touch.

My final (and potentially most controversial point) as I sit here on my sun lounger by the pool is that ‘going to the bar’ to get the drinks in should always be a job for the boys! 🏝😜