Sounds a bit like the start of X factor doesn’t it? Actually, that’s good. Because an energy makeover might be just what you need to give you that special something right now.

If you’re anything like me, whilst I’ve loved the summer of 2018 and it’s abundant sunshine (and I certainly wouldn’t complain), it has impacted me in the sleep department. The quality of my sleep hasn’t been quite on point and after relentless weeks of it, it’s starting to take its toll on my energy levels.

Now, given that I’ve got zero control over the weather, and minimal influence right now to have air con installed around the house, the best place to focus my efforts is on the things I can control myself.

After a long, hard slog in the first half of the year I’ve been gasping for a well earned break and that came in the form of a lovely little ‘grown ups only’ trip to Ibiza. Yey! My chance to unwind, defrazzle and replenish my energy stores (in an air conditioned hotel room!). My left brain needed to down tools!!!

The trouble however, with taking time out to recharge and re-energise, is that it’s not always that easy or as blissful as one might imagine! My mind is still whirring! In fact, it feels like my inner voice is in overdrive! Aargh! When I’m desperate for some headspace, all I feel is headfucked!

So, it was time to investigate because quite frankly, I didn’t know how to sort this. Upon researching the topic it became apparent that what’s really going on is we’re broken when it comes to being able to truly relax. Like, really relax. According to John Parker, author of Fuck It: Be at peace with life, just how it is, (I like him already) life in the fast lane is actually safer and easier than pausing in the present and really looking at your own reality. We avoid checking in with ourselves because we’re actually scared of what we might see.

Now at first I completely poo pooed this notion but very quickly recognised that I was being defensive and only fooling myself. Truly relaxing and slowing down might actually release the parts of me that I’ve been brushing under the carpet unconsciously – the parts of me that are feeling low, scared, grieving etc.

So what to do about it?

Apparently, I need to switch from my sympathetic to my parasympathetic nervous system, that will allow me to feel energised because in that state everything is more open and flowing – oh, yeah, I knew that?!

I still don’t know HOW! What do I actually need to do?

Long story short, here’s five practical things John recommends you can do to re-energise yourself this summer:

1. Learn how to rest. Sounds daft dunnit? But rest and relaxation mean different things to different people. Take a bit of time to consider what would your definition be? Answer this question – what would you do if you unexpectedly found yourself with a free 30 mins? (Ha! Good joke, right? Nobody said you were gonna get it!)
2. If you’re gonna do it then give it some welly, be intentional and also let go! When we’re wholehearted about something we have infinite energy. But be wholehearted about the right stuff – the things that set your soul on fire! Be intentional about the journey, not the outcome. Sometimes you need to release and let go of the outcome.
3. Stop taking on everyone else’s shit! You are not responsible for other people happiness. Nuff said! If you need help with this… get in touch!
4. Imperfection is perfection! Such a cliche I know! However, look beyond that and it’s got some legs…. go with me on this one. Just fuckin give over on some shit will you?! Let go of things and be kind to yourself. This requires you to change your mindset, so dig deep! Nothing is actually perfect.
5. Lastly, find the shit that brings you joy and happiness…. in the moment! This is not about material things. It’s about finding joy in the moment you’re in, no matter what. Look and be grateful for the small things!

If you’d like some help with your summer energy makeover then give us a shout!!!