I’ve been let down a lot this week. People not doing what they promised. Others saying one thing to me, but another to someone else. And the ugliest one, being lied to.


Sounds a bit dramatic now I read it back so let me give you some context. These have all been relatively minor breaches in the grand scheme of life, and the universe, however, I’ll take the opportunity now to lay down the moral of the story.


It’s not the big things, but the small things that have the biggest impact.


Both positively and negatively. I’ll come back to this later.


I have been impacted negatively by numerous small things this week. It’s caused me to reflect more broadly on societal culture of latter day times, and draw a simple conclusion:


It’s ALL about trust!


It’ll come as no surprise to you that trust is at an all time low in sectors such as financial services and politics, but what I’m talking about here is the drop in individual trust. I’ve found that my expectation of people has declined. It leaves me with the impression that nobody gives a shit! If I call a company and they say that they will send me something, I no longer expect it to arrive. I expect to have to chase it again and again. When they do send it, it’s probably the wrong one!

People seemed to have stopped doing what they say they will and/or doing things well, and I’m just about through with it. People say one thing and do another…or nothing!


I remember an acquaintance of mine (ooh that sounds v traditional and old fashioned) sharing this with me:


“The way you do anything is the way you do everything”


I’ll offer an example to explain… let’s say you tell me somebody else’s secret that you had promised to keep. You’re only telling me because you know it won’t go any further. Now in the past I may have seen that act as you being a good friend of mine, to share such confidential information. However, I’ve come to learn that this actually illustrates that I cannot trust you with my secrets. Therefore I shall no longer tell you anything!!


I’m going large here….. the worlds operational currency is not money, but relationships. You know what comes next. Without trust, a relationship stands no chance of surviving.


They say “Time is money” but I say “Trust is money”. Trust in tangible business terms adds £££ to your bottom line. Here’s the theory by way of a simple equation:


Trust = low cost + high speed + high engagement.

(Source: Steven M R Covey – The Speed of Trust) I love this book!


I’ve yet to meet a business leader who doesn’t want that!


Now back to flipping this into a positive message. With all this mistrust flying about it gives you the perfect opportunity to be different, and stand out from the crowd. All you have to do is be trustworthy! Ta dah! Simple right?


I’m sure you’ve encountered the “just trust me on this one” line on many occasion, but it’s actually not that simple. Just saying “trust me” doesn’t mean I will.


Trust is made up of a complex mix of ingredients. They’re only small amounts of these ingredients (remember the small things, not big things) but they’re vital to the recipe. For ease I like to split them into 2 categories (if it were a cake they would be wet and dry ingredients).


1. Goodness

2. How good you are


Goodness is all about your intent and integrity.

How good you are is all about your capability and track record.


At Violet and Charlie, we pride ourselves on our goodness and how good we are and it’s what differentiates us.


INTERESTING FACT: Apparently, people who swear a lot are actually more trustworthy. Check out our Facebook posts to see the article! So it must be true as we swear like troopers (if you’ve not already noticed…where have you been?)


Maybe you’re wanting to enhance your career prospects, achieve higher performance from your team, or simply strengthen/repair your relationship with your husband?

If you’d like to explore the possibilities of being trustworthy or creating a high trust relationship/culture, then our 6th secret is for you. You’re pretty awesome.


In this secret we reveal those all important wet and dry ingredients so you can bake your ‘trusty’ cake and eat it!


Let us know your trust challenges and your views on the topic by commenting here and if you’ve enjoyed my post, then please share it.


V x