Best Life Bootcamp

Are you a woman who wants more from life?

If the answer is YES then you should join us for our FREE Best Life Bootcamp!

Does any of this ring a bell….?
  • Have you lost your confidence, identity or mojo?
  • Do you no longer recognise the women staring back when you look in the mirror?
  • Does your life look good on paper but you’re just not feeling it and end up feeling guilty for that?
  • Do you live your life at 100 mph and feel desperate to get some balance in your life?
  • Are you constantly playing catch up, spinning a million plates and smashing a few?
  • Do you have big dreams for yourself that you would love to make a reality but you’re too scared or don’t know where to start?
  • Are you longing to make positive changes to your lifestyle but constantly procrastinate?
  • Are you sick of the constant battle to lose weight and would love to get comfortable in your own skin and be strong not skinny?
  • Are you a doormat or people pleaser to friends, family and work colleagues and would love to put yourself first for a change?
  • Do you struggle to say NO to stuff?
  • Do you need to take better care of your mental wellbeing?
  • Have you lost your libido and would love to find it again?
  • Is your pelvic floor shot and you wee your pants if you laugh, cough or god forbid go on a trampoline!?
  • Do you want to climb the career ladder and smash the glass ceiling or land that big promotion?
  • Do you long to jack in the 9-5 and set up your own business?
  • Do you look in your wardrobe and struggle to put a single outfit together that looks and feels good?
  • Would you like to look and feel a million dollars without losing a single pound?
If you answered YES to 3 or more of any of those statements then you NEED to reserve your spot on our BEST LIFE BOOTCAMP!
What is Best Life Bootcamp?

Come and join us for a week of FREE workshops where we’ll reveal our 7 secrets to living the happy, fulfilling & successful life you deserve! Each day of the bootcamp you’ll get instant tips, techniques, and tools to help you start living your best life as we’ll be sharing what it took for us to live our BEST LIVES. We figured this stuff out the hard way but you don’t have to.

When is it?

A change of season signals a fresh start for so many of us. Getting fit, eating well, making time for self care….. all important – but what about all the other stuff. The confidence, the assertiveness, the finally figuring out how to balance it all? From career & business skills to fitness and style advice, you can do it all from the comfort of your own sofa, online.

We kick off our next Bootcamp on Monday 7th September 2020

What will it do?

It’s called a Bootcamp for a reason – it’s designed to stretch and challenge you.

Each workshop we’ll serve up some amazing content  and then set you off with a task that will kick start your progress in making positive changes towards living your best life. Each session will be fun, high energy, insightful and practical. Completing the tasks will massively accelerate your progress and provide a huge boost to your motivation along with your fellow bootcampers. There’s even prizes up for grabs for completing the tasks and holding yourself accountable, reporting your progress updates and celebrating your successes!

Who is it for?

This is really simple.
It’s for women who want more!
It’s for women who want to live their best life.
It’s for women who want to be happy, fulfilled & successful.
It’s for women who answered YES to any of the points at the top of this page.

What will you discover?

During the Bootcamp you’ll discover things about yourself that you never knew existed, that you’ve never uncovered. You’ll discover a host of amazing tools and techniques that are simple and practical to allow you to easily make positive changes in your life. You’ll also discover that you’re not alone! You’ll be surrounded by a great community of other Bootcamp women and feel a strong sense of belonging and support to inspire and cheerlead you to take brave, bold action towards your best life.

What could you get out of it?


  • A massive confidence boost, rediscovery of your identity and finding your mojo again!
  • Learn to love the person you see when you look in the mirror!
  • Love your life on paper and even more so IRL!
  • Slow down and have a sense of balance in your life!
  • Living in the moment, thriving not surviving!
  • Taking action to turn your dreams into reality!
  • Being comfortable in your own skin and value strong over skinny!
  • Assertive, putting yourself first and getting what you want!
  • Able to say No to stuff without feeling guilty!
  • Have a strong sense of wellbeing and resilience!
  • A great sex life with amazing orgasms!
  • A strong core that allows you to get involved in all kinds of physical activity!
  • Climb the career ladder and smash the glass ceiling or land that big promotion?
  • The confidence and know how to jack in the 9-5 and set up your own business?
  • Feel great and stylish in what you wear, dressing the body you’ve got, not the one you thought you wanted!