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I’m a lass who grew up in the 90’s so the word “fit” for me, still makes me laugh! Boys would yell it across the halls at school, and builders would follow a whistle with it in the street. As a teen, I’m pretty sure every girl in my class prayed that someone would call her fit today.

Only as I’ve started to grow up can I really see the all-encompassing meaning of this little tiny word. Working alongside the FFA has really opened my eyes to the many, many areas that can fall under this term. In the Member’s Club, we have modules on skin, stomach, nutrition…….. – not a single one of these marries up to my original idea of the word fit. It kills me to recognise how much self-worth was placed on some skanky boy screeching it while we were playing netball.


So, am I fit?



I’m skinny


This is a huge combination of what I imagine is a fast metabolism and sheer luck. I hang around the 9 stone mark, and am always quite relieved when I’m a little bit over. My diet is shoddy – I often don’t eat til lunch and I could live on crisps and chocolate quite happily if my husband let me.


I’m strong


I do yoga on a (semi) regular basis and can carry my 2 monster boys for hours when I need to. My muscles are all good and my core is getting stronger each day.


I eat plenty


BUT as I already said – it’s often not good stuff. Occasionally I’ll jump on a health kick for a few days and remember to take my vitamins but I absolutely don’t get my 5 a day, and there are many days that I don’t get 1. Any nutrition I get is compliments of my husband.


I look alright


I’m ok I reckon. Pretty average, and can be improved incredibly by banging a bit of eye make-up on. My skin isn’t bad – a bit greasy but generally decent. Dark hair, dark eyes, big grin. I tan well and look better for it.



So, am I fit?


Honestly, truly….. definitely not! I’m not! In most ways if I’m honest, and that starts and ends for me with what I put in my body. I love wine, I love fatty foods, I couldn’t live without a million cups of tea a day. I’m lucky I’m skinny as I can’t begin to imagine how hard dieting is. I’ve NEVER had to do it – and don’t think I’d choose to, but I guess that’s easy to say without knowing.

Defining fit for me is hard. In one way it all comes back to the idea of health. But there’s no denying that fit equals pretty in my mind and that thought pattern is something that I’m absolutely working on. This is the module I go back to over and over again in the Club and will continue to do so until my mindset moves!

So, how about you? What does Pretty Fit mean to you – and are you? I’d love your comments either below or in the free Facebook group on this!


Roxy xx


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