I had a brilliant night on Saturday. One of my closet friends invited me to a gin party at her house. And I like gin! It was kind of an Ann Summers type set up (maybe Tupperware would be a better example), you know, a rep comes round and does a bit of shizzle, you sample some gear and then you buy some shit. You get me right?


It was an absolute hoot and I was plastered! But that’s not necessarily the reason it was great.


I didn’t know many of the ladies there but they turned out to be a fab bunch (obvs my friend has good taste and judge of character) and we settled in together really quickly for a night full of giggles. it reminded me just how great it is to have a strong network of like minded women around you. It also made me realise that I hadn’t had a girly night out since May 2016 when Chloe and I got leathered pretending to be posh in Alderley Edge. We both fell over in the road and Chloe lost her brace!! (We were out trying to spot famous people). That’s appalling! No, not the falling over bit, the fact it’s a year since I’ve had a girly night out!

On top of that, I got bitten by the guilt monster, right on the arse, as my children were so astounded at the sheer concept of me going out and leaving them for few hours.

My escapade was labelled as “abandonment”. How very fucking rude! (It still got me though).

I had to muster every ounce of positive self talk (and a hubby hug) to overcome this revolting and stubborn sensation.


Anyway, back to the party…

What began at 5pm, on an empty stomach, became a very squiffy 8.30pm where the conversation started to run deep. I’d shared my little tale of my new venture of Violet & Charlie which was met with great enthusiasm and curiosity. This appeared to trigger a mass release of the insecurities, sadness, lost dreams, limiting beliefs, guilt ….. I could go on but I’ve made my point, that we’re hidden behind the masks being worn in the room.

Now, in sober times, I can hold a coherent conversation, potentially involving some light hearted coaching, to navigate my way through these unearthings. However, copious amounts of gin render one to be intoxicated to the point of incompetence.


I think I was the last woman standing and was signalled to leave by my host through the medium of yawns and wrapping oneself in a blanket at 11.45pm. (Total cinderellas these days! Never make it past midnight)


I woke with beer fear (anyone else get that?) at 6am on Sunday morning as my husband prepared to go and run in the Chester half marathon (to which I was a super wife and stood at the finish line severely hungover to cheer him on). Upon settling myself that I hadn’t done any breakdancing and the like, I reflected and felt comforted, if not a little sad that there are more women than I originally thought who are battling with themselves internally and sometimes unconciously, to which my V&C mission is there to serve.


So women of the world, let’s sort our shit out together!

The good news is we’ve made it simple for you to take action to achieve the fulfilling life you want (Note: I said simple, not easy. It will take some hard graft). It comes in the form of our first secret, You’re Pretty Confident where we’ve created our 6 step confidence model.


Step 1 – Work out your “why”

Step 2 – Know what you need

Step 3 – Find the courage

Step 4 – Pick your moment

Step 5 – Create time and space

Step 6 – Take kick ass action!


Want to know a bit more? Have a nosey round the website and if you’re feeling brave and want to take some kick ass action then head to the Events page and book onto out “You’re Pretty Confident” taster session in Manchester on Saturday June 10th.


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V x