I always see September and the beginning of the autumn season as an opportunity to recalibrate oneself and refocus any goals that have gone wonky or off course through the summer and mid part of the year.

As a mum, I’ve spent the first 6 months working my arse off with my eyes firmly on the prize of getting to the summer holiday without burning out. During this period all those things on my wish list to achieve this year have slowly dissolved back into my sub concious dream bank, ready to be dusted off again next year!

Well, quite frankly, I’ve had enough of that shitty cycle and so this is the year to break it!

We pack the kids back off to school in September with a ‘phew’, a mop of the brow and a huge sigh of relief. It’s as if it’s a sign to kick back and relax. We settle back into the easy, mundane rhythm as the nights draw in and the countdown to Christmas begins (sorry, didn’t mean to depress you!).

So…. this, ladies, is the perfect opportunity to put your foot on the gas! As the kids go back to school it’s time to invest in ourselves again. There are many ways in which we can do this – a new hair do, getting back to exercising, jazz up the wardrobe, or maybe go on a course to develop your skills for your career?

So, I came back from holiday last Friday and as soon as I woke on Saturday morning, I went to the hairdresser and cut my hair in half and went from blonde to very dark brown – it’s knocked 10 years off me!! I’ve re-instigated my fizzled out fitness routine and got on the booze wagon until my ‘grown ups only’ holiday to Cape Verde in November and I’ve booked myself on a course that I’ve been meaning to book onto all year and been procrastinating about to learn how to make bras (more on that in another episode!).

It’s important I develop myself, in more ways than one, for me – my benefit, nobody else’s. It would be so easy to overlook this and 10 years down the line have a list of regrets.

I also wouldn’t be practising what I preach – Violet and Charlie is about sharing the hard lessons we’ve both learned with you wonderful women so you don’t have to, enabling you to live the amazing and fulfilling life you deserve. So grab the bull by the horns and invest in yourself and your personal and professional development because:

1. You deserve it
2. It enables you to serve the ones you love better
3. It carves the way for the generation that follows, our daughters, and sets them up for success to live the life they’re entitled to…. and more!

There’s a saying that I carry quite close and make a number of my decisions by:

“Only regret the things you didn’t do, never the things you did”

If you’d like some help in making that happen then give us a shout.

V x