It’s great having a ‘resident’ Personal Stylist on board here at VS HQ. Feeling great in what you are wearing makes a huge difference to the impact you have on the world and how you ‘perform’ – whether that’s in smashing a presentation at work or bagging a date with the hot guy from the gym! A particular event that we all want to feel great for is the Christmas Do so to help you avoid any festive fashion faux pas, here we have the Style Guide’s Top 5 Festive Party Outfit Tips from the fabulous Joy Gregory…….


As women, Christmas is one of the main times of year we put SO much pressure on ourselves to pick the perfect outfit. It can be THE only time of year we get dressed up and we have the added stress of dressing out of our comfort zone in front of our normally professional/corporate colleagues. Some of you might wear uniforms day to day and the thought of ‘dressing up’ fills you with dread.


Here are my top 5 things to consider when purchasing your festive outfit to keep stress to a minimum and give yourself the best chance of looking and feeling fantastic:


1 –  Identify WHERE your event is. Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will you need to wrap up walking pub to pub or be in a hotel on a hot and sweaty dance floor? Your outfit needs to be tailored to your environment


2– Short list 3 different options before starting to shop. Regardless of whether you’re shopping online or in person. For example, dress, jumpsuit or skirt.


3 – Pick your outfit based on your body shape. Don’t just take a stab in the dark with the latest trends. Consciously select the style you buy based on your shape. This will involve spending TIME IN ADVANCE of hitting the shops. Buying last minute will result in stress, dissatisfaction and disappointment.


4 – Make sure whatever you buy feels like you and is AUTHENTIC. If it is the only time of year you dress all girly and it feels slightly out of your comfort zone, still make sure it feels like you. Spend sometime identifying your style personality and what feels right for you.


5 – Before you buy ANYTHING, decide on what footwear you are planning to wear. If you don’t have appropriate footwear buy it before or WITH your party outfit.  You will ruin your night if you don’t have comfortable feet and it can ruin an outfit if your footwear isn’t working with your body shape.


Have a fabulous festive party people!!!!

Jodie & Joy